Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Potato packages with herbs for on the barbecue

I love baked potatoes, but I don't have the patience for actually making them on the barbecue. As a very good substitute I came up with these packages which have a much shorter preparation time and are wonderful to eat!

I usually use fresh rosemary and thyme because these grow in my garden and are always nice, but I think you can use all kinds of herbs, just let your imagination loose!


For 1 potato package


1 big potato
a small sprig of rosemary
a small sprig of thyme
1 clove of garlic
a teaspoon of butter
a piece of double aluminum foil, about 30x30 centimeter (11 inches x 11 inches)


Peel the potato and cut it in to cubes. Place the cubes on the foil. Add some rosemary and thyme. Cut the clove of garlic in 4 pieces and add these on top of the potatoes. Add a teaspoon of butter. Fold the foil together, making sure it is well sealed. Place on the barbecue.  Depending on the heat it takes about 10-20 minutes till it's done.

When the potatoes are done open the package and enjoy the heavenly smell! The taste of the herbs will really have gotten into the potatoes!

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