Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hummingbird Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

As promised I am now going to give you a recipe for Hummingbird Cupcakes which I found at Annie's Eats. But before I write down this recipe I'm going to burden you with my experiences while making these cupcakes. The recipe for the cupcakes was very easy to follow and while the end result was great, I did find it lacking. The cupcakes were very moist and you could really taste the banana and a bit of the cinnamon. However, the pineapple and the coconut had completely disappeared, which I found very disappointing. If I make these cupcakes again, I think I will increase the amount of pineapple and coconut. Furthermore, I omitted the walnuts, as I did not have these in my cupboard. Next time I will add them!

Okay, the next thing I have to say about this recipe is about the cream cheese frosting. I have a bit of a confession to make... I have never made cream cheese frosting, I have never tasted cream cheese frosting, I have never even seen cream cheese frosting. So, although it sounds delicious, I have no idea what the end result should be like.... I know...I know... I'm completely lacking in my culinary skills... who cares? I don't.

Anyway... the cream cheese frosting: I followed the recipe, but because I didn't even knew if I would like it, I decided to make half the frosting recipe. It started out very well, but when I added the confectioners' sugar it completely collapsed. So instead of having a firm yet fluffy frosting (as I think it's supposed to be) I had a semi-liquid gooey frosting. So I was unable to pipe it onto the cupcakes, which was actually very good, because I didn't really like the taste. Correction... I loved the taste of the frosting, I just didn't like it in combination with the cupcakes. So I don't know if I did anything wrong or not, I don't even know if the flavor of the frosting was good, all I know is that I didn't like the combination. But like I said I'm a culinary retard, I don't know anything..... So if you like cream cheese frosting, if you're good at making cream cheese frosting, if you know how it should taste, smell, look, etc.... MAKE THE DARN FROSTING!!!

Oh and after writing all this down I'm to tired to write down the recipe, but as I followed the exact recipe you can find that here.

Good luck and good bye!

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