Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I made Jam!

When we came home from France we brought with us a truckload of peaches. Very ripe peaches. It was way too much. We ate quite a few, made Peach Ice Cream, but were still left with a bunch of peaches. So I decided to do something I have been wanting to do, but was always to afraid to try.... make Jam.

And I have to say that is was easy. Okay, I first had to google and call both my mother and mother-in-law for tips and tricks, but the actual proces was really easy. So I first made a Peach Vanilla Bean Jam

And a week later we picked a lot of blackberries and so I turned those into a Blackberry Vanilla Bean Jam.

I'm not going to give you an actual recipe or describe everything in full detail. For both the jams I used old jam jars, which I completely sterilized.

I used two different kind of sugars to see the differences between the jams. For the Peach Vanilla Jam I used a sugar with a higher pectine level, so the ratio fruit-sugar was 1250 gram fruit - 500 gram sugar. For the Blackberry Vanilla Bean Jam I used a sugar that needed a higher ratio: 50%-50%. To both jams I added the seeds of a vanilla bean and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Lemon juice contains a lot of pectine which thickens the jams.

The blackberry jam ended up a little too thick, but it still tastes great! I'll definitely make jam more often!

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