Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun with Royal Icing

This weekend we had a birthday party and there were going to be several kids. So I offered to make some cookies. I had already made sugar cookies with royal icing ones and my fingers were itching to give it another try. The first time I kept it really simple, but now I upped the stakes a bit.
And I have to say... I was very pleased with the results. I made a lot more cookies then these pictures show, but didn't get a chance to really photograph them until after the party... hence there are only a few left. I made several kind of hearts, different butterflies, small cars and dinosaurs. I also made daisies, but all I could think about were eggs, sunnyside up... So daisies.... not so great. I'm gonna keep working on those!
I opted to make my life as easy as possible and made most cookies while still wet. I only gave the cars some details after the royal icing had set.
So I had a lot of fun this weekend and can't wait to try it again! I am definitely hooked!

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