Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Couscous salad

We just had our first summer-like day.  A whooping 24°C (75°F)! So to honor the beautiful weather I made a couscous salad, which to me always feels like a plate of sunshine.

It's a light, yet filling salad with a lot of cilantro and mint, which I love using, especially in the summer. Try this salad, you will not regret it! Oh, and it's really easy to make, which comes in handy on hot summer days!


Couscous Salad


200 gram (7 ounces) couscous
1 red bell pepper
1 cucumber
2 tomatoes
1 lemon
150 gram (5 ounces) feta cheese
a couple of spring onions
a big bunch of cilantro
a big bunch of mint
olive oil
pepper and salt


Start with chopping the bell pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, feta and spring onions in small pieces and adding it to a big bowl.

Now chop the cilantro and mint. It doesn't have to be to fine, it can be rather course. Set the herbs aside.

Follow the cooking instructions for the couscous. I'm always very lazy and use the foolproof couscous in small portions bags, works every time!

Let the couscous cool a bit before adding it to the chopped vegetables. Before stirring it together, squeeze half a lemon over the couscous then sprinkle some olive oil on top. Add some chopped herbs and some salt and pepper and stir everything together. Taste and if necessary add more lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper or herbs.

The end result should be slightly lemony and very aromatic with the cilantro and mint.

Even skeptic people and kids love this salad!

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