Friday, June 17, 2011

Coke Icee

The day of my birthday party was extremely warm and as there were a couple of kids I wanted to have something for them to enjoy. Well, something other than cake and God knows what more. I wanted to have something for them to be able to cool off a little, while not completely filling them with ice cream.

And then I ran into something amazing. A lifesaver, the easiest thing to make. It felt like a real eye-opener. Why had I not thought about this? Why didn't I come up with this amazing idea??

Are you curious yet? Over on Bake at 350 I found a "recipe" for Coke Icees. And yes the " " are there for a reason, because you can't really call it a recipe. It's that easy!

You just take some Coke. I guess how much you need, depends on how much you want to make and the limits of your ice cream maker. Anyway, you pour the Coke into your ice cream maker, just as you would with your normal base for ice cream. And you let the ice cream maker churn away for about 20 minutes.

That's it! And you know what.... as long as you don't use a soda with artificial sweeteners, you can use any kind of soda you like!

I'm telling you... this is a gift from God!

So if you have kids, or not, doesn't matter, and if it's warm, or not, doesn't matter, go make this! And be ready to be loved by everyone who has one of these amazing icees!

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